Cabane des DiableretsIn 1871, the first shelter was built on the site of the hut. A true hut was constructed in 1904.  Some extension works were carried out in 1921 and again in 1952. In 1955, the section Chaussy of the SAC acquired the hut. Finally, from 2006-2008 a complete transformation of the interior of the hut was undertaken, and it now provides a comfortable though still authentic high mountain experience.

In 1963, the first cable car to the hut was opened.

A more detailed description of the history of the hut can be found on the French page Historique.


Cable car

Cable car

1959 The idea of connecting Col du Pillon with the Tsanfleuron Glacier was born. Two committees (from the cantons of Bern and Waadt) each handed in a request for the right to operate a cable car in the Diablerets region. Preparations for cable car operations were made. The committees were granted the right to operate a mountain cable car from the national transportation department, under the condition that a connecting cable car station was to be built by Cabane des Diablerets.
1963 Operation of the LRD cable car began, including the two sections from Reusch to Oldenegg and from Oldenegg to Cabane.
Opening of the new section between Col du Pillon and Pierres Pointes through the TPD.
1964 In July – at the same time as the national exhibition – for the first time, cable cars connected the Waadt region with the Diablerets glacier region (Col du Pillon - Pierres Pointes - Cabane - Glacier des Diablerets).
1971 Construction and operation of the first ski lift (Dôme) on the Tsanfleuron Glacier, which made summer skiing possible.
1977 Construction and operation of the Scex Rouge chair lift
1979 Construction and operation of the new Dôme ski lift
1983 Construction and operation of the Quille du Diable ski lift
1993 Construction and operation of the Tsanfleuron ski lift
1997 Renovation of existing installations. Construction of the new chairlift from Reusch to Oldenegg.
1999 In November the new cable car Glacier 3000 became operational.
2000 In May, construction of the Restaurant Botta 3000 (designed by the famous Swiss architect Mario Botta) began. In October, the new 4-person chair lift at Scex Rouge went into operation.
2001 Restaurant Botta 3000 (alpine restaurant): the self-service restaurant was opened in May, followed by the opening of the serviced restaurant (4th floor) in June.
2006 The new snow-making machine between Oldensattel and Oldenalp went into operation at the beginning of the winter season. This made it possible to open the 7 km long Olden ski run at the beginning of November and to keep it open until May.
2007 The new Alpine Coaster was opened in May, at the beginning of the summer season. It is the highest bobsleigh track in the world and is one of the new attractions among the many activities that Glacier 3000 has to offer.

Source: Glacier 3000, end of 2011